Monija, Naomi and Mary are the teachers for Maths classes.  Our English classes are taught by Mary and Naomi. 

Every Child Can achieve great skills in maths and be successful in reading & writing: 

Our Maths Spaces are designed to fill in the gaps within basic maths skills.  We use practical everyday life objects, surroundings and experiences to introduce children to Maths.  We know that without a strong foundation in the basic building blocks of mathematical skills children will have a difficult time progressing.  Monija is also qualified to teach Maths up to GCSE. 

Our Literacy Spaces are designed to motivate and stretch each pupils. Our aim is to create spaces for accelerated Reading and Writing Programmes. Our approach: consistency, structure, praise and reinforcement through systematic phonics programmes under-pinned by reading and writing.

SHSA help children and young people to increase their skills by:

Using leading edge resources and technology we bring Maths, Reading and Writing to life, stimulating learning;

Teaching learners critical thinking skills

Teaching pupils to formulate and communicate high order thinking;

Helping learners to become interested and enthusiastic about Maths, Science, Reading and Writing;

And with our Step up to Writing programmes 'Anyone can master writing and reading comprehension' through colour techniques.

To register for our English and Maths Academic Programmes or 11+ Tuition register here.


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