Drama is very helpful in building an inclusive environment. SHSA Drama Spaces will provide an excellent opportunity for developing flexible thinking, which for all learners is very important in attaining higher level thinking skills. Additionally our Drama Spaces will  work deeply on all learning processes, whist not failing to address individual needs in a group context. Learners will  engage imaginatively with material and learn to question and problem solve.

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        Costume Design

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Our learners will be able to:

1 enjoy a varied range of cultural activities intended for them;

2 identify different ways of playing and are aware that the appropriate balance between words and movement may enhance expression;

3 listen to a spoken text (reported or read out) with concentration and reproduce it orally, in writing, visually or dramatically;

4 adopt ways of playing in a social and societal context;

5 express experiences, feelings, ideas, fantasies in playing;

6 develop an attractive phrase, appropriate for the situation, (articulation, control of breathing, tempo, intonation), and improvise different types of verbal and non-verbal ways of playing;

7 enjoy, talk about and adopt a critical attitude towards their own way of playing and that of others, the choice of types of play, subjects and perception.




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