Hi Everyone, My name is Brook.  I enjoy making my objects move really fast.   

Hi! I'm Safwan.  I love using constant force to make my Sprites move.

I'm Barnaby.  Computer programming is fun!  I also love playing the games.

I'm Kristian.  I found moving the ball image onto the square interesting! 

 Hi, I'm Julia.  I learned about Z Order.  The Z Order is so amazing.  It is something we also see in real life. 


SHSA Game Programming and Coding Course called ProjectFun is now in its third week.  The ProjectFun Course is a part of DigiPen Institute of Technology.  We are working with children ages 7-11 from around Greenwich.  It has been absolutely inspiring to see the children so motivate to use Science and Maths in Game Programming and Coding.  After only three weeks the children are already starting to write codes!  

Watch this space as  eight of our students continue to share their experience with Game Coding.


Hi Everyone, I'm Llyod.  I love making new game objects and other fun things in my game. 

This exciting Game Coding Course  takes place each Tuesday at SHSA. You too can learn what a Sprite is, and what Z Order means!

 Hi, My name is Riley.  I like to help my friends in programming.

Hi! I'm Jude.  I like adding different animations to my games. 


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