Home Education is a movement that has been successfully growing in the UK. With the support of SHSA, children are able to receive quality education equal to an Independent or Private School tuition, but for a much lower cost.  

Being registered with the SHSA Home Education Programme means that you will be given the flexibility to choose the best curriculum, timetable and days your child will learn. 

Ensuring the flexibility that HE parents need, SHSA will offer the following support: 
•  providing parents training on teaching and learning,
•  assisting parents in writing an Educational Philosophy,
•  supporting with the safety and welfare of each child,
• and supporting parents to provide exciting quality education for children.

SHSA Home Education Programmes works best for parents who wish to teach using Autonomous or more Traditional Education structures.   Many of our programmes use a fixed timetable that are set around school terms (but offers flexible school hours and days, whereby parents are not obligated to follow the patterns of a normal school day).  Our programmes also follow a curriculum based on traditional school subjects – and has the option to follow part of the national curriculum.  However, our scheme of study allows parents flexibility, and open doors should they one day wish to return to a maintained school or choose to continue in Home Education.  

SHSA HE parents have the freedom to choose any curriculum that best fits their teaching ethos and child’s personalised learning targets.  Currently, there is a wide-range of curricula options available to parents.  However, SHSA Home Education parents will be requested to incorporate the SHSA programmes into their home education curriculum/ timetable. 

Contact SHSA to learn more about our alternative education for the home educating community. 

Link to DigiPen SHSA Game Programming  Registration Form  


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