Mary Pfeiffer

Holding an MBA Hons, BEd, CertEd, BA Religious Studies, and CertTEFL, Mary Pfeiffer has worked in the education and business field for 16 years.  Within these sixteen years she has gained experience in the school and business setting through leadership roles she has held: Teacher, G&T Coordinator, Teacher Coordinator/Recruiter, Progress Success Coordinator, At Risk Programme Coordinator, Provision Manager under SENCO, and School Improvement Consultant at LA level.   Mary has also been involves in supporting an Academy Trust and Steering Committee in developing a new Academy.  She is currently Managing Director of Shooters Hill School of Arts. 


Before this role Mary worked as a Consultant supporting and monitoring 56 Primary Schools, as School Improvement and G&T Consultant, to ensure high quality Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 provision to improve outcomes for children and their families.  She has a sincere passion to enable teachers and pupils to enjoy their school experience, taking on ownership of their targets and outcomes.  As a school improvement consultant who is committed to the principles of the ECM and PPG, she provided support and challenge to practitioners in a range of settings through meetings, training sessions and visits.  Mary has a working knowledge of the observation, assessment and planning process and encourages the monitoring of provision through schools’ self evaluation.

The training and meetings she facilitate reflect her core belief that every child has potential, and that with the right support teachers and learners are able to meet exciting challenges within everyday learning.  She created and provided quality, practical, and useful support and resources to school leaders and teachers.  She has spent a lot of time listening to the needs of SMT and teachers in a variety of settings.  The INSET or CPD training, meetings, and school visits she oversaw or facilitated were presented in a clear and effective manner so that school can quickly access information and tailored resources to support them with targets and their school improvement plan, with a focus on Narrowing the Attainment Gap, AfL, APP, and the CQS.    



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