Fay, Yasmin and Heather head our Visual Arts Spaces teaching animation, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, textile and puppetry.  They have created a positive infectious attitude towards learning, which motives both children and adults.  

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SHSA learners are able to:

1 develop a personal judgement about images and visual arts of the past, the present and in different cultures by means of a consideration on art and images;

2 gather, process and talk about impressions by touching and feeling (tactile), by looking and seeing (visual);

3 recognise, understand and interpret visual information, and develop a critical attitude towards it;

4 enjoy and have a sense of satisfaction in producing visual art, and enjoy visual art;

5 solve visual problems, apply techniques and use tools and materials to produce visual art in a way that leads to a sense of satisfaction;

6 represent tactile and visual impressions, experiences, feelings and fantasies in a creative, visual way.

Block sculpture:  This is a project which Heather Gani ran with groups of students.  It was inspired by Anthony Gormley's Block Sculpture series.  Students worked together in groups of 3.  Initially the student made observational life drawings one another, and then took photographs of each other, exploring the pose they wanted to recreate using blocks of polystyrene off cuts.  This is a challenging project which requires the group to communicate effectively and work well together. 


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