Volunteering can be a rewarding experience.  Not only does it provide an opportunity for your to increase your skills, but it also opens opportunities for your to make an impact on others lives.  Here at SHSA we are always seeking volunteers.  No matter your background or expertise, we would love to hear from you!  Pulling together  our resources, knowledge, skills, and people we will have a greater impact and provide more opportunities for us to give to our local community.

Contact us to become involved. 

Working together: one body, many parts, each vital.


Shooters Hill School of Arts is a not-for-profit                     organisation -reinvesting any surplus back into the communities we serve. By connecting and working together, we will achieve more than would be possible if working in isolation.  Your donation can really make a difference.  Here are some examples:

£40 will provide a bursary fund, enabling a young child to loan an instrument for a term (12 weeks) giving more disadvantage families access to the Arts.

£100 will enable SHSA to provide Support Groups and workshops for parents on a range of topics (e.g. Supporting a Child with SEN , Creative  Ways to Engage a Child in Learning)

£1000 will support SHSA in its refurbishment of the Polytechnic site into cutting-edge facilities.

You can make a one-off donation or set up a regular monthly direct debit to SHSA quickly and securely. Contact us to make your payment and become a part of touching lives.

Your support will enable SHSA to unlock doors of hope, freedom, and opportunity for families and children in Woolwich. 

Your support makes a difference in our community.  To donate and support SHSA, please use the link below.  


We recognise the importance of establishing partnership with reputable organisation who share our same values. 


Whether you are a Private Business, Corporate Establishment, or  Philanthropist, there are many benefits to partnering with  Shooters Hill School of Arts.  SHSA is an organisation with great potential for growth.  Your partnership will help to bring hope, freedom, and opportunity to the children and families in Woolwich.  You can play a part in providing disadvantage pupils with a rich academic and Arts culture, and support SHSA in making our Educational Spaces accessible to all . 


7 benefits in having a partnership with SHSA: 


 1 Your organisation will join other reputable establishment, as you become a part of stimulating change, hope, freedom and opportunities in Woolwich;

2 Your organisation will  make a difference in the regeneration and economic/social well-being in Woolwich, promoting community cohesion, and strengthen families;

3 Your organisation partnership will enabling SHSA to provide innovative support to schools in order to raise attainment levels; 4 Your organisation will play a part in ensuring quality Arts and Technology education;

5 Through partnership with SHSA, you will enable programmes that will inspire pupils to read and write in and out of school;

6  You will directly become a part of tackling illiteracy within many communities, supporting measurable and real impact on pupils’ levels in Literacy;

7   Your partnership will a difference in the lives of Service families.   Working with AWS Woolwich, SHSA will offer practical and effective support to Service families.


Contact us to learn how you could potentially work with SHSA and partner by investing in lives.    




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